Wake Up! 002


Am Lager

Art.-Nr.: 46

Achim Maerz takes electronic abstraction back to a state of organic harmony and rythm. His EP „Long Time No See“ reveals a soundscape of intimacy and evolving grooves. Reduction broadens its horizon. All sounds are carefully placed and a sustaining atmosphere keeps developing from song to song. Still each one is an individual scenery of its own. „Keys Of My Soul“ delicatly moves through wide rooms while „Shake, Shake, Shake“ leads closer to the core of groove. The backbeat driven „System“ already possesses a pushing groove which mutualy connects it to „Long Time No See“ with its warm pulsating baseline. Achim Maerz’ approach to house shows how much is possible if self-limitation leads to creativity.

A1: Keys Of My Soul

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A2: Shake, Shake, Shake

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B1: System

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B2: Long Time No See

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