Wake Up! 003


Am Lager

Art.-Nr.: 44

‘Hi-Tide Lo-Fi’ can be read like a sonic map. But instead of a static picture it’s a growing and evolving concept of explored and lived in space. Every space creates its own sound. Not only because of the physical premises of a place do we experience sounds differently but also because of our perception and construction of space. And as each sound does have an individual meaning to us so does each space. Our identity is directly linked to our access to sound and space. Benjamin Brunn is questioning these access possibilities and offers us a soundscape of fluxing indentity. Within a timeless sound lies the opportunity of liberated being.

A1: Alster Mermaid

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A2: Reeperbahn Boy

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B1: Harburg Hard – Boiled

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B2: Blankenese Girl

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