Wake Up! 008


Am Lager

Art.-Nr.: 79

With new Wake Up! EP ‘Further Apart’ Lerosa’s mark of fluent, elemental and strong work offers increasingly deeper sulphuric and acid sounds. Down reaching, complex grooves and rhythms give direction into solid moving tracks – where I want to dance.
Currently located in the emerald isle of Ireland, you wonder if context gives form to Lerosa’s sound, a permanently sodden landscape offering the backdrop. Weighty tracks such as Terza Persona seat layers of digital, organic beats, peals and stabs that contain the same sort of dark nourishment that staring at a black bog in Connemara* might evoke.
Despite its wide, dark tones, Lerosa’s tracks always contain a dimension of upbeat empathic elements which make it so attractive, the kinda pelvic push and pull where you wish you had the foot work to pelt out some shapes.
*Connemara is a district in the west of Ireland, the boundaries of which are not well defined.

A1: Niteride

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A2: Further Apart

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B1: Down

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B2: Terza Persona

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