Wake Up! 009


Am Lager

Art.-Nr.: 90

Wake Up! 009 catches Steevio in a lonesome mood. Over three tracks the Freerotation co-founder cruises through weightless negative space, sketching out contours against a backdrop of deep shadows and warm, melancholic pads. “Machlud” opens like a mission statement, sorrowful and barely-there, before moving to the more nervous lounging of “Forgotten Futures.” On the b-side “Green Therapy” picks up the pace, bouncing with a lightly kinetic swing. Luis’ remix wrings some raw pathos from the original’s immaculate depths. Yet it remains of a piece with the source material, rounding out an EP of heady, ephemeral moments.

A1: Machlud

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A2: Forgotten Futures

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B1: Green Therapy

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B2: Green Therapy (Luis Remix)

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